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 Welcome to our shop where local products are featured, homemade jams made according to the seasons, wines from our winegrower partners, Lucca and olive oils, natural liqueurs, Hérault sweets, craft beers and Organic. Find and taste all these fabulous products while staying in our guest house.

Jams at the Edge of the Vines


Homemade jams made according to the seasons, to enjoy for breakfast and to take away according to your preferences. Selected fruits, ripe, little sugar and as natural as possible. - Black figs and white figs from the garden, Yellow peaches, White peaches, Apricots from Roussillon.... - Mandarins-Vanilla, Kiwi-Lemon, Pears-Dried Fruits and Pears-Vanilla...

Domaine St Georges d'Ibry


Love for the land, passion for the profession, respect for tradition, richness of the terroir and diversity of grape varieties. The  Domaine St Georges d’Ibry offers quality, most natural production. Over time, the estate has managed to preserve ancestral viticulture and winemaking tools. You will be welcomed by the charming owners Mariane and Michel Cros. Visits and tastings of their fabulous productions all year round. - Varietal wines, blended wines and wines aged in oak barrels.

0417-DOMAINE DE SOUSTRES - MONTADY (Hérault)-photo aspheries.jpg
Domaine de Soustres


Located between sea and mountains, the Domaine de Soustres vineyard occupies the privileged site of the Ensérune hill overlooking the famous Canal du Midi. Freshness and crunchy fruit, powerful aromas of southern grape varieties, supple and melted tannins, pleasure from the first taste, such is the unique character of the wines of Domaine de Soustres. Immersion in the heart of the estate, visit and tasting all year round.

59437_0588-Domaine St Georges le Cardinelles Nissan lez Enserunnes-photo a...08x672.jpg
Domaine St Georges Les Cardinelles
Nissan lez Ensérune


Domaine Saint Georges Les Cardinelles is the fruit of the work of generations of winegrowers certified in Nissan since the 16th century. It was formed over time and developments in Languedoc agriculture. The current Domaine Saint Georges Les Cardinelles is the result of the merger of two wine properties belonging to two lines of winegrowers, the Audouys and the Lignon-Donnadieus. The Domaine is managed by Christine Tarroux, a passionate and exceptional independent winemaker. IGP Coteaux d'Ensérune (Syrah and Cabernet-Sauvignon) - Great wines of Languedoc -

Domaine Augé
Boujan su

For seven generations now, the Augé family has been a player in the Languedoc wine world, in the communes of Béziers, Servian but mainly in Boujan sur Libron where their cellars have been located since 1837. It is always with the same passion, desire and desire for the Augé family to exercise the profession of Independent Winegrower by cultivating their vines in a sincere and reasonable manner in order to harvest the best grapes and thus improve their wines from year to year through their work as winegrowers.

Alaryk Organic Beer


Gastronomic, Organic, Aromatic, Ethical, Unique, Authentic….. Craft beers (white-blonde-amber-brown-triple grain….), tasty and elegant, organic and without additives, certified Origine France Garantie and Sud de France.

Olive flower
Nissan Lez Ensérunes


Producer of artisanal olives, Jean-Michel works to develop local and quality products based on olives with exceptional flavors. (Olive oils, Lucca, local olives, etc.) Tasting of his production of olive oil and paste produced by him in his laboratory.

The Cure Gourmande


Biscuit maker, chocolate maker and sweetener since 1989. Filled biscuits, Calissons du Languedoc, Nougats, Caramels, Chocolates, Choupettes…

The Mint


La Mentheuse, La Pulpeuse and La Croqueuse form a charming, low-alcohol trio that brings up to date a very typically French moment: the tasting of a refreshing digestive. The creams of yesteryear with all their lightness and freshness.

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